It is said that the third time is a charm, but, realistically, the first two were pretty darn charming as well. What are we talking about? The third annual Olympia Brew Fest! It benefits the Thurston County Chamber Foundation Small Business Development (Incubator) Program and will commence August 2, 2014 at Olympia's Port Plaza. You can help out your community (maybe even your country) by enjoying over 60 different beers from 30+ hand-picked, northwest breweries. Come and celebrate Olympia's fine brewing heritage!

Also, to answer the two most common questions we get:


Beers (subject to change)

Carson, WA

Logyard IPA, 6.7 ABV, 78 IBU

Blue Berry Wheat, 5.2 ABV, 20 IBU

Tacoma, WA

Belgian Blond, 4.8 ABV, IBU

Cardamom Coffee Stout, 8.0 ABV, IBU

Airway Heights, WA

Havan√ľther Lite Pilsner, 4.1% ABV, 26 IBU

√únderground Stout, 6.2% ABV, 43 IBU

Bremerton, WA

Rat City Red, 6.8 ABV, 60 IBU

Praetorian Pale , 5.9 ABV, 68 IBU

Graham, WA



Everett, WA

Jalepeno Tripel 7, 9% ABV, 20 IBU

Golden Mariner, 7.1% ABV, 41 IBU

Bellingham, WA



Centralia, WA

Raspberry Belgian Tripel, 8% ABV, 20 IBU

Workingmans Brown Ale, 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU

Lacey, WA

Hose Chaser Blonde, 5.0 ABV, TBD IBU


Astoria, OR

3-Way IPA, 6.6% ABV, unknown IBU

Quick Wit, 5.2% ABV, unknown IBU

Gig Harbor, WA

Life Jacket Session IPA , 4.4 ABV, 65 IBU

British Pale Ale , 5.0 ABV, 24 IBU

Bellevue, WA

Rye Pale Ale, 6.2% ABV, 62 IBU

425 Pale Ale, 4.8% ABV, 37 IBU

Bremerton, WA

Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager, 5 ABV, 33 IBU

Saint Florian IPA, 6 ABV, 55 IBU

Astoria, OR



Corvallis, OR

Wizard Island Wit, 4.8% ABV, 13 IBU

Mosaic Eruption, 6% ABV, 60 IBU

Ellensburg, WA

High Five Hefe, 6 ABV, NA IBU

Decision Maker DPA, 5.2 ABV, NA IBU

Surrey, BC

Red Betty Imperial IPA, 9.0 ABV, 90 IBU

Red Betty IPA, 6.5 ABV, 80 IBU

Seattle, WA



Tieton, WA

Wild Washington Semi-Dry Apple, 6.5 ABV

Apricot , 6.5 ABV

Woodinville, WA

Brickyard IPA, 7.2 ABV, 70 IBU

SW Green Chili Blond Ale, 5.0 ABV, 40 IBU

Hood River, OR

Vaporizer Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, 6.% ABV, 55 IBU

Cluster Single-Hop IPA, 7.3% ABV, 85 IBU

Seattle, WA

Irish Red, ? ABV, ? IBU

Sunshine Slowdown IPA, ? ABV, ? IBU

Olympia, WA

Old Fangled Heirloom Blend, 6.7% ABV, N/A IBU

South Sounder, 6.5% ABV, N/A IBU

White Salmon, WA

Country Boy IPA, 6.2% ABV, 80 IBU

Local Logger Lager, 4.8% ABV, 28 IBU

Lacey, WA

Kastellan Oktoberfest, TBD ABV, TBD IBU

Kastellan Keller Bier or Hefeweizen, TBD ABV, TBD IBU

Olympia, WA

Hodgson's Bitter End IPA, 6.5 ABV, 70 IBU

Vicious Circle Amber, 5.0 ABV, 21 IBU

Mukilteo, WA

Industrial IPA, 7.9% ABV, 85 IBU

Elliot Point Pale Ale (Single Hop), 6.8% ABV, 45 IBU

Bellingham, WA



Olympia, WA



Redmond, WA

Blue Danube, 5.0% ABV, 26 IBU

ASB, 6.1% ABV, 40 IBU

Poulsbo, WA

Bombshell, 7.4 ABV, 40 IBU

Latona IPA, 7.7 ABV, 77 IBU

San Diego, CA

Sculpin IPA, 7 ABV, 70 IBU

Longfin Lager, 4.5 ABV, 18 IBU

Seattle, WA

3 Grid IPA, ? ABV, ? IBU

Emerald IndiaSessionAle, ? ABV, ? IBU

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