2014.04.23 - From Oregon, we have Buoy Beer Co. and Mazama Brewing Co. and from Ellensburg, WA Iron Horse Brewery.
2014.04.02 - It is getting crowded in here because 7 Seas Brewing, Bellevue Brewing Co. and Silver City Brewery are all coming.
2014.03.22 - Coming all the way from Astoria, OR Fort George Brewery!
2014.03.21 - The brand new Top Rung Brewing Co. and brewfest veteran Dick's Brewing Co. will be in attendance.
2014.03.20 - Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. and Chuckanut Brewery will be coming.
2014.03.13 - Who else is coming to the party? M. T. Head Brewing Co.. Plus a bunch of other people...
2014.03.12 - Der Blokken says "yes" to the 2014 Olympia Brew Fest.
2014.03.09 - We would like to welcome Orlison Brewing Co. to the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.07 - Narrows Brewing Co. will also be taking part in the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.02 - Backwoods Brewing Co. will be taking part in the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.01 - We have begun compiling our list of breweries and sending out invitations.
2014.01.15 - The date for the 2014 brew fest is Saturday, August 2nd
2013.08.29 - Pictures from the festival are available in the gallery.
2013.08.27 - Thank you to everyone who attended the 2013 Olympia Brew Fest, and a special "thank you" to the volunteers who dispensed a metaphorical river of beer into waiting gullets.